Axiatonal Line Activator and Chakra Clearing Tool

This sacred geometric tool is primarily utilized to activate the axiatonal lines that lie along the acupuncture meridian lines along the body.  The axiatonal lines connect into the meridian lines through specific spin points of sound and color frequencies which activate as you utilize this geometric tool along the meridian lines energetically, through intent, or physically.

This tool further assists in the clearing and rebalancing of the chakras as you bring it up through the body from the base chakra to the crown chakra, zipping up the chakras and also releasing all that needs to be released as you align deeper into source Light. 

Primarily it is a tool that can be used for physical and emotional healing as it energetically knits together the body parts and organs to their particular sound and color frequencies.





Multi-Dimensional Remembrance Activator

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This sacred geometric tool spins the subatomic particles in the body in increased light frequencies, creating even smaller subatomic particles of light.  These increased Light frequencies lifts you multi dimensionally, taking you into the higher dimensions, and bringing through the timelines of your Highest Potential, which start to merge into this Now. 

This activator brings the body into a greater balance and alignment with Source and a deeper connection to your multi-dimensional Selves and many gifts as you align into the higher dimensions and draw upon the energy of your multi-dimensional Selves.

(Suggested activation: Holding the Multi-Dimensional Remembrance Activator, circle the body in a clockwise direction and then in a counter clockwise direction, having a sense of the spin of the cells in the body starting to spin clockwise and counterclockwise too.  Once you have created a spin/vortex in the clockwise and counter clockwise directions around the body, hold the piece in your hands in front of the 3rd eye.  Now have a sense of your energy field activating in increased Light frequencies and lifting you into the higher dimensional fields of Light. And now, you have a sense of merging with your multi-dimensional Selves, and bringing your many gifts into remembrance in this Now).




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Cellular Regeneration Tool

The Cellular Regeneration Tool assists on a physical and energetic level in lifting the frequency of any area of discomfort or dis-ease within the physical body. It brings you to a resonance of Divine Love through the acceptance and appreciation of every level of discomfort that has been experienced in the knowing that these lessons have taken you deeper into your magnificence and Light.  This tool amplifies when you use it in non-judgment; when you accept where you are and embrace yourself in Love.  In particular it is very useful to use for any body part that is in discomfort, such as the lungs or the liver or the kidneys or the heart.  Any area within the physical body.  It brings a deeper sense of the matrix of Universal Love to connect into the physical body and into a greater level of self-appreciation and self-love. 


Solar Crystalline Template Activator

This tool connects you deeper into the Cosmic Heart of all Creation and into the Earth energies.  It grounds and centers you as you connect into the Inner Earth Sun, to the Golden Sun within your heart and into the Great Central Sun.  It assists in the conversion of the carbon based cells into the crystalline matrix as well as deepening your connection to the Divine as you move into the New Earth Templates and into the knowing of yourself as this Christ Conscious Being of Light.  It further takes you deeper into your heart’s dreaming and your heart’s joy. 

As you meditate upon this tool, you see this beautiful Solar Crystalline Template Activator taking you into Solar Crystalline Consciousness and the New Earth frequencies, to bring together a new balance for you through the merging of polarities, and the knowing that All Is Love.


Unity Grid Activator

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The Unity Grid Activator amplifies the energy of your home or your office (sacred space) in such a way that it starts to bring in  the New Earth templates, sacred geometries, numerologies etc., and connects you deeper into this Grid of Light that is within  you and around you.  A beautiful tool that amplifies your vibrational space, lifts old energies and activates the New Earth energy templatings.

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Cellular Memory Activator

This sacred geometric tool works on the cells and the muscles to knit them together into a greater balance through releasing old traumas and memories. In particular, you can use this tool for any areas of physical discomfort, physical pain or sports injuries.



Karmic Clearing Activator

This tool takes you into the recognition that at a Soul level all Souls are Love. How you played this out through the patterns of victim and persecutor consciousness has simply been the karmic pre-birth agreements for you to realize your full magnificence and Light. This tool takes you deeper into the knowing of the lessons that you have chosen and the insight and understanding needed to let go of blame and to come into the forgiveness.

Additionally, the karmic clearing activator creates a connection at a Soul level with the Soul with whom you need to communicate or shift your relationship with.  

Self Love Activator

This Self-Love activator assists you to come more deeply into the Love within yourself and within all creation. As you  visualize this shape moving through each one of the chakras, you simply affirm “I am Love”  “I am Love”. 




Multi Dimensional Light Body Activator

The Multi Dimensional Light Body activator activates the dormant DNA to the maximum Cosmic Law can allow as well as creating the mer-ka-bah antenna activator, connecting you deeper into the realms of Illumined Truth, and your ability to travel beyond the ring-passeth-nots and into all dimensions of Light.   

Energy Removal Activator

This tool is used to lift old energies from your house or new spaces/places you may go, including hotels and other travel places. Put it in your house to lift the energies of your house, or simply to keep the energy of your house clear and neutral. It is also a very effective body tool, pulling out old frozen miasms and energetic toxic elements from within the body. 


Rebalancing Muscle Infusion Activator Bracelet

This tool helps to balance the body on a physical level, targeting all systems. The ring within the bracelet works with the higher dimensions of light, bringing forward what needs to heal on a physical level such as physical injury to the body, muscle injury, scars, bones and strain on organs.