As an Intuitive he is guided through Spirit to see, feel or just know information pertinent to you, using physical and emotional feelings ‘Empath’

Revealing deep issues through your dreams and your subconscious mind to help overcome difficulties and find answers leading to a happy, joyous and free life. Larry can also guide you through past life regressions.


~Larry gently and lovingly helps in the passing of a loved one; Spirit comes through always for a healing and loving reunion.


~He has a connection to the Angelic and Psychic realms, allowing him to gently guide you in your life, Angels send him messages for answers in situations pertaining to you and your situation.


~Working with Sacred Geometry and Copper-Pyramids, the Ancients guide Larry through transformations within your energy field. Guiding him through all dimensions of time and space; collectively creating balance within the entirety of your earthy energy field.


~He intuitively balances the Chakras, aligning your body, mind, and Soul, energizing, and speed up recovery of illnesses and injuries (old and new).



He is currently working in the Nova Scotia Canada, region:
Sessions 30 min~$125 USD
Personal coaching 1 hour~$197 USD

If you are not in the area, Global sessions are available:
Phone, Facetime, Skype or inbox session
30 min~ $125 USD

1 hour~$197  USD


  All appointments are to be confirmed at least 24 hrs ahead of agreed time and date via trusted sites-

E-transfer or Paypal

Larry is available Wednesday - Friday from 7PM to 9PM AT (Atlantic time)

After paying for your session below, email Larry  for availability and confirmation at

30 min session -  $125

1 Hour session - $197